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Vacation Management Services


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What we do

Having your own professional and certified travel advisor is like having a private concierge for all things travel - qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, connected, and always working to make your next trip the best one you've ever had.


Our professional planning fees cover a wide variety of tasks and services including but not limited to:

  • Airfare recommendations

  • Hotels, villas, and apartments

  • River & ocean cruises

  • Travel Insurance

  • Airport transfers

  • Day tours and excursions

  • Dining & entertainment reservations

  • Unique cultural experiences

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How it changes your travel experience

Our clients often receive additional amenities and benefits from our travel partners.

  • You won't lose tens or hundreds of hours each trip starring at a screen with dozens of tabs open.

  • You won't go around in researching circles so many times that you miss the best opportunities.

  • Most likely you are taking a vacation to disconnect and unwind - you'll no longer start that off with months of stressful planning.

  • You'll never wonder what experiences or opportunities you didn't know about that you might have missed.

  • You won't waste money.

  • You won't waste time.

  • Your entire experience will be professionally planned and documented.

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What happens when you DIY

  • Missed flights

  • Awful hotel rooms that don't match the brochure-like images

  • Travel insurance that doesn't actually work when you need it

  • Waiting on hold for days at a time to airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and tour companies when you have a question or need help

  • Tired and frustrated fellow travelers

  • Wasted time trying to get from A-B

  • Under-planning

  • Over-planning

  • Poor document preparation

  • Denied entry and re-entry

  • Finding out activities and sites are closed or limited when you arrive

  • Struggling to find dining options in a limited capacity or busy seasons

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Vacation Management

Our vacation management fees are a one-time payment per household per trip. We will book all elements of your travel as listed above.

 White-Glove Vacation Management Fee 

 Starting at $250 / household


This white-glove planning fee allows us to plan, research and book every element of your vacation from the list above, all while staying within your budget and in alignment with your personal travel style.

 Group Travel Planning Fee

 Starting at $350 / household 


Before bringing together a group of your favorite friends, family, followers, or clients we will work with the group organizer to curate the perfect itinerary. Each traveling household will then work with us individually to align their travel arrangements with the group plan, while at the same time meeting their personal travel needs. This is a planning and research service only.

Rebooking Fee 

 Starting at $300 / household


Need to cancel your trip and rebook the same vacation for a later date? We can take care of the tiny details from canceling each element of your current booking to confirming new dates with the same white glove vacation management services as before. Should you need rebooking services while you are in travel we can also fully take care of that.

Our Process

If you have never worked with a professional travel advisor before (or a great one), you'll find our process effective and efficient.



If we haven't already had a quick 15 minute video or phone chat this is where we listen to your ideas and travel goals.



Choose the planning package that suits you best, sign our simple contract and schedule in your official planning meeting.



In this 60-90 minute virtual meeting we'll kick off the planning process. We will ask you a number of questions aimed at getting to know your travel preferences and style.



We will present you with a full itinerary containing options for travel, activities and accommodation. Request any small adjustments before we lock in your trip itinerary.



We will only ever be an email, text or call away if you need us. In the event that you need to activate your emergency support plan we will be on standby and ready to help.



The only thing better than getting home is having your next trip in the pipeline. We'll get you scheduled for that next trip right away whether you want to take in a month or a year.

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